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Free business advice for startups

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Free business advice for startups & writing a business plan If you’re looking for some free business advice for startups and small businesses, this is the post for you.  There’s information on writing a business plan and some free business advice London tips from Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd. Before you start your own business, it’s [...]

About Business Advisory Services

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Business Advisory Services for Start up Business Advice There are different types of business consultancy firms in London.  Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd is a boutique business consultancy firm in London.  It specialises in providing start up business advice.  Founder, Steve Wyatt, provides business advisory services to startups and small businesses in London and the surrounding [...]

Startup Business Advice

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99.9% of UK Businesses in the UK are SMEs In the private sector alone, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) make up 60% of all employment.  Furthermore, they have a combined annual turnover of £2.0 trillion, which is a significant contribution to the UK economy.   By all accounts, startups and small businesses are vital to the [...]

Find a Business Advisor London

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What is a Business Advisor and what do they do? Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd.’s Business Advisor London, works with clients to solve problems.  This includes; strategic, planning, organisational and other business or operational related problems.  If you’re a startup or a small business in London and you are looking for some startup business advice about [...]

Find a Business Coach London

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What is a Business Coach? Finding a Business Coach London who is right for you, can be a time consuming and hard task.  Now you’ve made the decision to have business coaching, but you aren’t quite sure what to expect or how to choose or find a Business Coach.  Business coaches have different styles, skills, [...]

A Life Coach is your guide

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A game of Chess or Russian Roulette? Life coaching is about guidance and support and a Life Coach is your guide, enabling you to achieve goals and your full potential.  Whatever are hopes and dreams, life may swing from being carefully planned and thought through like in a game of chess or feel like everything [...]

My Depression

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“It’s ok to feel what you feel.” In all of my life years, I’m almost 43, that was one the most helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind things I’ve ever heard.  I’m eternally grateful to the person who helped me wake up from my darkness.  In that moment, I felt heard.   Finally, I’d been given permission [...]

Life is about learning

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Whether we embrace it or not, life is about learning. In its purest form, life is about learning.  At what point you consider learning starts, depends on how and what we look at.  For example, in the mother’s womb, genetic code is passed on and so some of what we learn is genetic or hereditary.  [...]

My Entrepreneur Journey

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Every journey starts somewhere! Every entrepreneur’s journey starts somewhere.  It wasn’t until January 2018, when my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, became a reality. From an early age, I dreamt of owning and running my own business.  It wasn’t consciously about material things, money or status.  In hindsight, I suppose it was about my independence [...]

What’s good customer service?

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The customer is always right No doubt, when it comes to customer service, there are variations on a theme.  Equally, there are variations between what we think ‘good service’ is and what good service could and should be.  This blog post explores this and raises some questions to get you thinking.  It isn’t intended as [...]

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