The Entrepreneurial Journey

From an early age, I dreamt of owning and running my own business, but it wasn’t until January 2018, when my dream became a reality.   Back then, I created and published my own newspaper/magazine.  This was a hobby, which taught me a variety of life skills and not just from a business sense.  I learnt how to juggle school, manage stress and build resilience, whilst managing a series of life events and challenges.

About Steve Wyatt, Founder

By nature, and despite several life events, I’ve always been keen to help others first.  On a personal level, I actively support and help others, having first-hand experience of overcoming depression and dealing with trauma.  With life experience, I’ve learnt that being heard and feeling listened to are some of the most important qualities.

On a professional level, I have over 20 years’ professional experience, having worked in Financial Services as well as smaller organisations in the Education and Consulting sectors.  I’ve worked in large, global and complex organisations and managed business operations, delivered change and coached individuals.


Why set up a business?

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was fortunate to be able to take some time out and study again.  More importantly, I decided it was time to take the leap and make my lifelong dream a reality.  It also meant I could take my time in setting up my own business; Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd and here we are.

I started Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd because I saw a growing need to support both people and organisations to Develop, Improve, Grow & Succeed through Coaching and Business Advice. 

Maximum Solutions Consulting Ltd logo incorporates the mythical phoenix bird, which rose from the ashes and encompasses renewal, growth, change and transformation.  This is central to who I am, as much as the businesses’ culture, values and brand.

Being my own boss was also key driver, since at the age of 43, I felt ready to lead my own business through utilising my experience and skills in a way that helps people and small businesses develop, improve, grow and succeed.